Blason de Bourgogne

About us ?

« Blason de Bourgogne » is the standard-bearer for more than 200 families of winegrowers, all of whom are deeply rooted in the vineyards that stretch from Côte d’Or to Mâconnais. This diversity brings richness and aromatic complexity to the wines. This community of growers invites you to explore the riches of this fabulous region through their wines, the fruit of traditions and viticultural know-how passed down from one generation to the next.

Our winegrovers

Winegrowers in Burgundy since several generations in Burgundy our producers are proud to unveil values ​​of solidarity and a unique know-how combining authenticity and quality.

The sustainable developement

Concerned about their viticultural and social environment, our winegrowers work daily to preserve their ecosystem. Labeled Vignerons Engagés ( since 2013 in the Mâconnais and since 2020 in the Côte d´Or, they demonstrate their respect for this unique and generous nature that can only be found in Burgundy.

The range

With a large range of 20 appellations which represent the Burgundy, our wines illustrate, as white, red and Crémant de Bourgogne the richness and the quality of the greatest Bourgogne Wines.

Alcohol seriously damages health. To be consumed in moderation.